SilverStone Launches Shark Force Addressable RGB Fan Series for Extreme Cooling and Spectacular Lighting!

Taipei, Taiwan, March 18th, 2022–SilverStone Technology, an established leader in the PC component field, is thrilled to announce the launch of a new range of high performance ARGB cooling fans, the Shark Force Series. Available in 120mm and 160mm variants, to cool and illuminate any system.
Pictured: SST-SF120B-ARGB (Left), SST-SF120B-ARGB (Right)

Shark Force Series is equipped with translucent fan blades featuring SilverStone “Shark Force” technology; inspired by the hydrodynamic properties of shark skin which acts as a drag-reducing mechanism to improve their aerodynamic property. Compared to identical fan blades without any surface features, the Shark Force blades allow air to flow more fluidly over each fan blade, resulting in reduced overall noise running at the same RPM.
Incorporating Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) and three-phase, six-pole motor design, Shark Force fans produce higher torque value compared to most fans with single-phase, four-pole design, therefore achieving smoother and more reliable operation.

Under the translucent fan blade housing, are eight individually addressable RGB LEDs, exhibiting mesmerizing lighting displays as they cool your PC system. Utilizing industry standard 4-1 pin ARGB connectors, Shark Force ARGB LEDs can be controlled via an ARGB controller or ARGB capable motherboards.

Shark Force Series fans are engineered for a wide array of applications as they are capable of maintaining quietness under light-loading conditions, whilst allowing for industrial fan-level top speeds or fan idle through advanced PWM controller. For SF120-ARGB, you're able to set fan speeds anywhere from 0 ~ 2,500 RPM and 0 ~ 1,600 RPM for SF160-ARGB. Shark Force fans provide substantial airflow when used as intake or exhaust, or when mounted to a radiator or heatsink; SF120-ARGB and SF160-ARGB provides static pressure of up to 4.66mmH2O and 2.21mmH2O respectively.

Shark Force Series fans also feature a modular cabling design. Similar to the transition of PSUs from non-modular to fully modular connectors, these fans will be SilverStone's first ones to implement modular fan cabling design to simplify cable management and the flexibility to easily unplug or disable ARGB lighting effects.

The Shark Force SF160-ARGB has 140mm fan mounts so it can be used to upgrade applications originally designed for 140mm fan to achieve much higher airflow and cooling potential.


SF120-ARGB & SF160-ARGB are both now available for purchase via SilverStone's worldwide network of authorized retailers and distributors. In the table below, you can see the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).

Model Number MSRP in USD
SST-SF120-ARGB $27.99 USD
SST-SF160-ARGB $34.99 USD