Industrial Business Services
When SilverStone was founded in May of 2003, the goal of the company was to not only create a high-end brand in the retail market but also to offer services for industrial and business applications. With this approach, we were able to gain substantial experiences quickly and achieve a good standing within the industry.

For industrial and business services customers, we aim to provide precision engineering, efficient production, meticulous quality control, accurate operational support, open communication, and continued global logistic and after-sales support.

SilverStone’s OEM/ODM competitive advantages:
  • Creative Research & Development team with each member’s experience ranging from 5 to 10 years.
  • Strict but practical manufacturing and quality control team with more than 20 years of experience.
  • ISO 9001 certified company operating under a functional management organization to enable higher efficiency.
  • Sales staff with excellent communication skills.
  • Branch offices located in USA and Germany to serve customers worldwide for logistic support and after-sales service.

SilverStone’s competitive product lines span from PC (Personal Computer) to IPC (Industrial PC applications) fields, which is further evidence of our abilities:
  • Extensive experience in mass-production technology for aluminum, metallic alloy, and other metal-related products.
  • Comprehensive understanding of sheet metal, tooling mold, plastic injection, printing, coating, and painting methods.
  • Fast turnaround from ID to mechanical design, with qualified engineering drawings.
  • Proactive approach with the ability to overcome typical thermal and mechanical design limitations.
  • Know-how in maximizing space utility for any given size.

For PSU (Power Supply Unit), SilverStone is capable of designing and supplying:
  • Highly efficient PSU with ability to meet stringent environmental requirements and also third party certification such as 80 PLUS.
  • High wattage PSU currently up to 1500W in ATX form factor and functional in all typical AC input range.
  • PSU designed for specific focus on any of the required output rails.
  • Low noise and low heat outputting PSU upon request.
  • Non-ATX/PS2 form factors such as TFX, flex-ATX, Redundant, open-frame, and other non standard sizes.
SilverStone also supplies other product such as cooling devices with TEC (Thermoelectric), LCS (Liquid), fan (air), and enclosures for hard drives.

SilverStone ISO 9001:2008 Certification

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